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Hello Everyone!


 My name is Crank! Or for some I go by da Cranku. Call me whatever

you like! 

Its often been said that making it as a variety streamer on twitch is next to impossible.

Even though its a hard road I'm committed to achieving the impossible

Join us on our journey as we complete hard challenges and experience everything games have to offer. We will laugh, we will cry, but in the end we will have an epic story to tell.

I have always been a nerd so you can expect that I will be talking about the latest game release, technology, movies, TV shows and of course Dungeons and Dragons.

So if you made it to the end now you know a bit more about me, hope to see you in my channel don't be shy come say hello!




P.O. BOX #1062

1296 Broad st

Bloomfield, NJ

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